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The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “Even the longest journey begins with a single step”, and in a similar way, Kingfisher Drinks’ journey started with a single brand.

We were founded more than 30 years ago to distribute an iconic Indian beer of the same name. And while Kingfisher Beer has since become one of the 20 biggest beer brands in the world, likewise, Kingfisher Drinks has spread its wings and flourished. As consumer tastes have become ever more sophisticated, the same old brands have become tired and boring. People want more. They are searching out something different, something exciting, something a little outside of the norm. 

Foreseeing this pattern, Kingfisher Drinks has continued to do what it does best, scouring the globe in search of intriguing brands to bring back to the UK. Allowing bars and restaurants to expand their horizons and elevate their ranges.

Now, 30 years on, we have a quality portfolio of ten exciting drinks brands, from lagers and ales to ciders and spirits. Each of them is directly sourced from, or inspired by, the furthest corners of the globe.


A brand’s country of origin will always leave an indelible mark on its DNA. The history, the ingredients and the production method are all influenced by where a brand is from and they all contribute to its unique flavour and individual presentation.

Take Krušovice, first brewed just a few miles from where the noble Saaz hops were originally grown in the Czech Republic. And just as the terroir profoundly influences the flavours and aromas of a wine, so these original bohemian hops are an essential part of what makes Krušovice the beer that it is today. 

Similarly, Kingfisher Beer was created in India by brewmasters that admired the classic European Pilsners. While their market desired a beer of that style, they knew that the climate in South Asia meant that they’d have to make it touch lighter and a little sweeter to refresh consumers in such humid conditions. It’s because of this, that the taste of Kingfisher is unequivocally linked to its country of origin.

It is essential to us that each of the drinks in our hand-picked range captures a true reflection of the fascinating cultures that inspired them. In this portfolio, we will introduce you to an exciting international range of specially curated drinks, and in doing so, will take you on a journey around the globe, from the Mediterranean to Polynesia and Asia to Oceania. From the ‘footsteps’ in Sardinia to refined Japanese craftsmanship and from ‘mad kings’ to Tiki culture, each brand you are about to discover has a completely unique origin story, and we are delighted to be the ones to tell it.

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From finding new wholesalers to venturing overseas, we’re always on the move bringing beverages to businesses all over the UK.

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